Triton 5

by Matt Good

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Triton 5 is a sci-fi dystopian based concept album, based on the “the grass is always greener on the other side” idiom. The album follows the story of a man who feels bored and lonely on Earth, and decides to take a space flight to another world – where he can start anew. However as the protagonist makes his way to his new home, he experiences trepidations and worries about his new life, worrying about what could have been, what could be, and what will become of him. When he arrives, he realises the world that seemed at first so attractive to him is actually a living nightmare, a utilitarian society that promotes efficiency and human advancement over free will of individuals. The protagonist rebels, but is thrown out as a castaway, left to die on the streets. The story is inspired by the worlds described in dystopian novels such as “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin and “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, with references to both found within the lyrics of the concept album.


released April 21, 2016

Written, Performed and Produced by Matt Good
Drums by Nye James



all rights reserved


Matt Good England, UK

Matt Good is a recording musician based in Rugby/Hatfield, writing and recording material in a range of genres. Through various influences from Weezer to Muse to KT Tunstall as well as various internet based artists such as Pomplamoose and Rob Scallon, the eclectic mix of music he releases through social media is sure to touch everyone's taste. ... more

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Track Name: New Home
I heard an advert on the radio,
I called them up and said “Take me to outer space”.
Give me a new home,
Take me far away,
I am all alone with nothing left.
I dream of a world where I can find my place,
Over a sea of stars an island I can stay.
No I won’t be here so I’m packin’ my case.
I chase my dream into the passenger bay.
Give me a new place,
Give me perfection,
I want a new home no emptiness.
Take me to the tetrahedral cathedral in the city.
Atom thrusters starting now I’m never going home.
Track Name: Brave New World
Flying into fantasy,
Watching planets pass, but there’s no gravity.
I’m all full of hope, headful of my dreams sits back.
We’re flying through the stars, to a better place.
I’m looking to the edge of space,
The earth is far behind my face,
I’m heading for a brave new world.
Travelling a million miles away,
To a perfect human race,
I’m heading for a brave new world.
Flying to pyramid city,
The girl behind me smiles, but there’s no gravity.
You’ll belong to me, as I’ll belong to everyone.
All around me people sit and wait,
We’ll all soon be as one, a great society.
We’re all full of hope, beginning of our dreams is now.
Then I think about the world I left behind,
Holidays in Barcelona.
Things I’ll never see again hit my mind.
Never mind, I hardly knew her.
Major Tom recite the data,
Use two sticks ignite the Veda,
Leaving Earth begin the Seder,
I’m heading for a brave new world.
Track Name: Through The Window
For a moment I look through the window,
And see a smile behind me,
Distracted from it all, I wave back.
And then I think,
What is beyond the window?
What could it be?
Is there a life out there for me?
I see myself in the same window,
Is the ghost there truly happy?
Distracted in his world, he waves back.
And then I think,
What is beyond his window?
What could I see?
Is that my life out there for me?
What is beyond this window?
What could there be?
Is there a life out there for me?
Track Name: Horizon
Just over the horizon, what is it there that I see?
Is that my future, waiting out there for me?
I see a world made of glass, a world made of threes, triads of islands, interconnected in a deep sea of green.
The city looks so delightful from above.
The city looks so perfect from above.
We’re landing in the zone, by silicone bay.
Track Name: I've Got A Map
I’ve got a map to enlightenment and happiness.
Perfect living by the bay makes all life's worries go away.
Snug in my pod in the city made of pyramids.
All in numbers one by one, efficient not inhibited.
Stand in line, the music we all listen to is marching on.
Work in time, distractions only slow us down and then I’ll stop the ebb and flowing river.
We’re gears in the machine.
I’ve got a map, tells me how to live my days.
What could be the problem with salvation from the elder ways?
Deep in the heart of the city made of pyramids,
Operation for your head makes all your dreams go invalid.
Stand in line, the surgeon’s gonna see me soon but then I think
What if I regret leaving Earth behind and never hear the birds outside my window, reminding me to be free.
I’ve got a map, tells me how to be a slave.
Conditions me with brainwashing and digs freedom an early grave.
Stuck in the heart, of the city made of pyramids,
How can I be happy if my hopes and dreams are invalid?
But then I remember being on Earth,
Don’t let me fade away.
I’ve got to be free, got to escape.
Leave the city!
Now I’m going home!
But I am dragged out by my feet.
And spat out in the street, where they leave the dreamers for dead.
Track Name: Spiralled Out
Ripped from the breast,
Ripped from the mothers’ state.
Crack in the sky sucked all the birds out my life.
Dreamers on the street never dreamed of defeat, but now they’re left for dead.
Looked for the answers, looked for a clean slate,
Pyramid city cut like the sharpest knife.
Gave me promise, gave me hope.
Cut my brain in the throat.
(Spiralled out)
Found myself lost, in somewhere like Alphaville,
Caught in a dream that I cannot have and I’m gone.
Far gone from home.
Spiralled out.